Here is a current list of workshops I am running.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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Golder Goldstein, ACC and I had such a good time in the last demo, that we are doing it again!


We will both coach the same client on the same topic, and this time I will go second (I'll sequester so I don't hear what he's up to) and then we will pull what we did--and didn't do--apart.


Who knows where we will end up? It's an experiment that is bound to teach us about the myriad of ways to approach a topic and a goal.


April 15th, 8pm eastern. $10. Join us! Venmo to @Ronit-LeMon to sign up.


DREAMWORK SALON: April 20th, 8pm eastern, $10

Are you interested in dreams and want to see some DreamWork in action? Join me for velvety deep and yummy fishbowl—one dreamer/one coach (ME!) and interested and warm listeners all gathered to learn how to do DreamWork in a Coaching session. Non Coaches welcome as well!

1.5 RD Units Available for ICF. Session will be recorded.

Have you dabbled in Tarot and want to learn more?

Join me in this deep dive!


We will use intuition, practice spreads and reading, and learn more techniques to get the most from your practice.


Sessions will be recorded.

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