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Human Potential Coach Training

If you're looking to upgrade your life AND  help others to do so as well, I recommend the Human Potential Coach Training. Of course, I love it--I'm a teacher there!

Meditation Tools


The MUSE, a headset device that gives you real-time bio-feedback on your brain eaves whilst meditating, has been incredibly useful to me in finding out what, exactly, a meditative state feels like for me and in self-correcting during a session. Perfect for biohackers...and my son loves it!




This is a free app that allows  you to either set a timer--with lovely Buddhist bells--to meditate or to access an amazing array of guided meditations. I especially like that I can see how many people I meditatd with and I can thank them for meditating with me! Super fun and useful...and free!



FYI: I only recommend things I really love...and some of these are affiliate links.​

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