6 Apr 2018

We are always looking to maximize our experience—to find the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect life. That’s what it means to be actualized…

Doesn’t it?

I coach so many people who are utterly convince that in order to step into their power they have to leave that...

19 Oct 2017

I was in LA last week to deliver a training—to people who wanted to hack their lives to be the best and help others do the same…to people who wanted to turn up the volume on life and health and love.

And in the midst of this I had to attend a funeral.

This funeral I atte...

15 Apr 2017

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! All month I've been coaching, celebrating and acknowledging birthdays--I am blessed to have so many friends and family and clients who are born in March! And I've noticed that, for many of us, Birthdays are a mixed bag, filled with some...

13 Jan 2016

Over the weeked, I heard the terrible news that a childhood friend of mine lost her husband quite suddenly. I was shocked and moved to tears and saddened...and very aware that it didn't happen to me and thet she and I are not close friends.

So I was left with this quest...

17 Dec 2015

I've been thinking--and talking and coaching-- a lot around creating sacred time. It's what we yearn for, especially during the holidays, as we strive to connect, relish the moment and transcend our everyday. Here's my audio blog on just taht, with some personal storie...

7 Dec 2015


Happy Thanksgiving to all of us! Wishing you joy and peace, strength and simple pleasures, and, of course...GRATITUDE!

We knoe gratitude makes our lives better--we want it, we write wbout it, we try to cultivate it. I did a little research into how and why it works,...

18 Sep 2015

This other morning, in the cold pre-dawn hours, my husband and twelve other men dove naked into the surf at Baker Beach. Two by two they went, in silence, no barrier between them and the past, no barrier between them and the present...nothing between them and the futur...

12 Aug 2015

So I grew up with a pretty mom...beautiful in fact. She was a model and an actress and a ballet dancer in Israel, and she graced magazine covers, had boys falling all over her, and was ripe and lovely like Sophia Loren.


And I looked nothing like her.


And she let me kno...

24 Jul 2015

Yesterday, the kid was feeling a bit droopy, fatigued and slightly blue. I told him to drink a glass of water--and he cracked up. He said, "Emah (Mom), you think EVERYTHING can be solved by drinking water!"


And I had to laugh.


Indeed, I do think MOST things can be solv...

20 May 2015

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that she had to pay a hefty percentage of her income in taxes...and that her friends told her she 'should' be grateful...


And my response was "Really? Why the hell would you be grateful for that?!"


Now obviously,...

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